Lady Gaga nude pictures release

May 7th, 2010

Is just a matter of time before your past will catch up with you when you become famous. Everybody wants to dig into your naughty past and exposed you. Thank God in this modern era is no big deal at all if your old naked pictures or sex tapes are leaked. If this is the 80′s, it would probably harm your career. But in this age, you will get more popular and exposure that it would make you more money. So in the end, I think is a win win situation for everyone. You make more money and we get the excitement of a celebrity buzz. In this post I will feature some really naughty pictures of Lady Gaga licking a friend’s pussy.

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Lady Gaga camel toe

May 7th, 2010

I bet I am not the only one who gets a boner seeing Lady Gaga in her sexy costumes that always barely covers her groin area. Just seeing those lines formed near her inner thigh gives me a major boner. Seeing her dressed like this on stage and performing for thousands of people comfortably makes me think that this girl is very comfy with her sexiness. I bet she has tons of sexy self taken nude pictures of herself.

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Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga

May 7th, 2010

One of my favorite celebs for 2010 is definitely non other than Lady Gaga herself. Her songs are so damn catchy and her fashion sense is out of the world. I have to say I was not drawn to Lady Gaga because of her sexiness but rather her songs. I can swore to that as I was humming and tapping my feet away when I hear her tunes on air plays and I have no idea who sang those songs at that time.

Finally when I saw her music videos, I began to show more interest on this eccentric character name Lady Gaga. Some of my friends who are musicians think she is no ordinary pop star. They claimed that she is a genius when comes to song writing. But I am sure most macho guys ( that’s what they love to think of themselves ) or your “cool friends” has been complaining a lot about her time on the air waves. Well, they are a just a bunch of haters trying to look cool and tell you that they are into rock songs to compensate on their lack of length in penis size or whatever short comings they might have. I bet this fuckers even tapped their feet secretly when listening to the songs of Back Street Boys.

Another thing I really like about Lady Gaga besides her song writing skills are her weird fashion sense and sexy body that just sent funky signals to my penis. I just can’t help it, she is just so desirable and I just want to see more of her. Her famous costume that look like a swim suit that barely covers her groin area makes me goes nuts. With her eccentric fashion styles, I am sure some nip slips or exposed pussy shots will soon to follow. This lead me into searching for more raunchy pictures of Lady Gaga. I was dying to find some Lady Gaga Nude pictures. I know many of you guys just dig scandals and sex tapes of high profile celebs. So I am glad to have found this site call CelebsOnly. They have a big selection of celebs and quite current with the latest scandals of all hot Hollywood celebs. They are like the fucking TMZ but just provide naughtier contents. You can try their $1 trial to see if you really want to make the plunge for monthly membership.